Auto Parts and Stuff is an online store that offers auto parts and related accessories and STUFF! We’ve been in business SINCE 2007 and are proud to offer products at the best prices!
Auto Parts and Stuff is a member of the S&H RedBrick, LLC family of companies designed to offer great name brand products at huge discounts.
The site is really easy to use. Just locate your part number, enter it in our part number search, and get ready to save. Doesn’t it feel good to get a great deal?
So how do I find the part number for the part I need? Glad you asked! There are several ways to do this:

  •  Email - [email protected] 
    If we carry the part, but don’t have it on the site, we will add it right away. To keep our costs low and pass along great deals to you, we run our store with a very small team, but we are great at answering emails any day of the week and returning messages as quickly as possible!
  • Visit the part manufacturer's website.
    We offer a list of manufacturers with vehicle lookup tools.
  • Do a search online.
    Check our competitors' sites for the part number, and then come back to us for a great deal! Once you have that part number, you can start saving. Come back and enter your part number in our part number lookup tool and get ready to save!
Any way you shop, you are going to get the best parts at the best price at!

The Auto Parts and Stuff Team
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